New Fixed Edition

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19 August 2019 (07:31)- EXP x2 TO 300

13 August 2019 (16:42)- Sagas


07 August 2019 (16:12)- ... More Info


In connection with the reduction of items attributes all players will deal less damage, so fighting with some bosses/monsters might take a lots of time, I decided to reduce amount of experience/health of monsters.
-Health of monsters has been reduced by ~40%.
-Resistance of monsters has been reduced.Max res: 15%, sometimes was more than 25%.
-Experience from monsters has been reduced.
-Experience from bosses has been reduced by 80%. Exping on bosses is not valuable anymore.
-Experience from raids has been buffed. Raid bosses gives more experience.
-Boss/monsters/raid bosses healing has been reduced.

Experience and gold:
-Gold from early game missions has been reduced.
-Experience from early game missions has been reduced.
-Experience from repeatable missions has been buffed.
-No more exp stages
-You cannot buy low level items from shops.(80% of items available for purchase have been removed).
-Price of pebbles in medic shop has been reduced.

02 August 2019 (21:20)-

02 August 2019 (19:30)- New Edition INCOMMING!!!

Whats new:

War Village:
-New area +100 level
-New short fabular missions + repeatable missions
-New Raids in War Village
-War Village Points ( you can exchange for rewards)
-5 Kage Outfits
-War Village is free from penatlies for killing another players

-Rifts are like short dangeons. At a specific time a rift teleport appears, every player with minimum level can enter.
-Rifts 50/100/200/300/400 level.

Gai Training:
-short missions for players who decided to train before play.

Items attributes has been nerfed BUT player can increase quality of helmets/armors/legs/boots into common item, rare item, exceptional item. As higher quality is as attributes are better.

Absorb and Parry:
-New player begins with 1 parry and absorb( instead of 10). Absorb cant be trained.

More Info soon...