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11 October 2019 (21:05)- NEW EDITION

11 October 2019 (20:52)- Patch Note v1.2

New Edition Patch Notes

Bug fixes:
STUN(fix + buff) - stun didnt work properly, players could follow or chase others even with stun. Now stun works good and additionally you lose and u cannot target while you are stunned.
RIFTS(fix + buff) - Rifts were bugged in last edition. Now rifts works and additionally you can get better quality items from them.
MISSIONS(fix) - Few missions like Guy missions were bugged. Now its all fixed.

Jutsu changes:
Shosen Jutsu - This jutsu becomes combo jutsu, it means this jutsu doesnt have same exhaust with others jutsus. Cooldown has been changed to 3sec(HIGH CHANCE THAT IT WILL BE 4 SEC).
Now you need 120 Ninjutsu to heal twice.

New type of summons(Kamikaze) - Some summons has been changed into Kamikaze summons(If your summon touch target, it blows up and applies effects).

Rejecting Jutsu(Shannaro Punch, Doropu Kikku, etc.) - These jutsu werent as strong as they should be, so I decided to buff them, now players get stun after reject.


Transform sometimes gave just 3% more Jutsu damage. Now its changed to 6%.

Basic movement speed has been increased(You move faster on 1 level) but u get less speed from level.

POI Quest has been made more difficult.

Few Jutsu changes(Madara, Tenten, Deidara etc.) Some are not updated on website.

Obito nerf- Obito was soo tanky and had good damage in late game, so his hp per level has been reduced to 30 and cooldown of jutsu for 350 level has been changed to 2sec.


New two characters: Shisui and Kimimaro
New Quest(INQ room based) harder than POI
Few missions(bring or kill something)
New chromas(not updated on website)
and more...

13 August 2019 (16:42)- Sagas