Legacy Of Naruto Online Info:

Server starts: 17.08.2018, 18:00
Client: Custom(8.54)
Dedicated Host: Warsaw
PvP-Enfo Server

Experience & Magic & Skill Rates:

Exp: x1
Magic Rate: 2x
Skill Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 1x

Pvp Info:

Enfo Rate: 2x
Push delay: 1sec
Stairhop delay: 0,5sec
Daily frags: 15
Week frags: 100
Month frags: 999
White Skull Time: 7 min
Red Skill Time: 1 week
Black Skull Time: 1 week
Magic walls avilable


A lots of Raids

Team-battle event- play randomly as Akatsuki or Anbu on Pvp Map, 1 life per round, play smart, defeat enemies, win cool rewards. 2 Pvp Maps, 4 rounds per day.

A lots of Bosses- thousands of bosses

Ctritical System- build highest critical % on the server and do not let your target think about escape

Attack Speed System- build or skill high attack speed and kill someone in less than second

Parry(physical res) nad Absorb(magic res) System – resist all incomming damage

Dodge System – Additional chance to resist incomming damage.

Aura system - be beautiful and fabulous

Upgrade System- upgrade your weapon and eq to +10 and be the best

Custom weapons with effects(% chance to debuff, paral, drunk someone or with area damage effects)

28 Characters and 8 stays in queue, be unique, create your own character with unique build

Build character as you want-meele dps(crit build?atkspd build?damage build?), dist dps, magic dps tank or hybrid? Build as you want, everything fits almost on any characters(like in League of Legends)

Party Exp(+50%)- better play with friend

Tasks, missions, daily- faster way to get level or items but who likes talk with npc to get items or experience :(

Quests- fastest way to get powerfull items